Meet Gin...the hard working mama behind La Buena Vida Studio & La Buena vida market.


It all started when…

A friend's daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in late 2015.  I wanted to find a way to raise money for them, so I taught myself the art of hand-stamping and sold "Fuck Cancer" cuffs while donating the proceeds.  Fast forward to May 2017 and another friend was diagnosed with leukemia.  I set up a booth at his fundraiser and made more of those "Fuck Cancer" cuffs to raise money for him.  It was then that I decided to make La Buena Vida Studio legit and take my new found love and talent to the masses!

La Buena Vida Studio & La Buena Vida Market are representative of me, my passions, loves, and what I find fun, cute, and exciting! Along with my Etsy shop, you can find me at local markets and artisan events hand-stamping custom creations just for you!  I also will be working hard to bring La Buena Vida Market to North County San Diego and it’s surrounding areas. Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram and watch me grow and continue to live the good life.



"The good life is one that is inspired by love and guided by knowledge" - Bertrand Russell

For more on Gin's story and La Buena Vida Studio, check out this article in SD Voyager Magazine:  Life and Work with Gin