L     A

B     U     E     N     A

V     I     D     A

S     T     U     D     I     O




Hand-Stamping Workshops

Learn the art of metal hand-stamping in a fun and interactive environment.  

Private Workshops

Book a private hand-stamping workshop for you and your friends.  The perfect ladies' night in!

Private shopping experience

Book a private shopping party!  Gin will set up and hand-stamp custom items on the spot.



Every month La Buena Vida Studio participates in several markets, including hand-made markets, craft markets, farmer's markets, and artisan markets.  Pre-stamped items are available for purchase as well as made-to-order custom stamped items.  This is your opportunity to pick and choose your one-of-a-kind custom piece of jewelry and observe the art of hand-stamping.

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